Recently I attended a wedding.  Even though it was the wedding of a close relative, and I was extremely happy for the couple, the thing that I enjoyed the most during the wedding was sitting really close to my wife and remembering our special day.

Every wedding I have ever attended (unless I was just not paying attention) included those integral words:  “I Do”.  Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?  Do you take this woman….  In richer, poorer….  Many times in traditional weddings the vows sound something like this, or something similar.  But what does “I Do” really mean?

My wife and I recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  I was disappointed that we were not able to have a “hit it out of the park” kind of anniversary.  I used to think that 20 years might bring the trip to Hawaii!  Actually, we both had to work on our anniversary, and on this 20th anniversary, we barely were able to have a quick lunch together.  No fancy vacations, no parades, not even steak and lobster!  In fact, much to my surprise, I recently learned that Hawaii is really not near the top of her bucket list.  Bummer…

But isn’t that what “I Do” is really about.  It’s not just about all the wonderful times spent together, and we have had a lot of those.  It’s not just about the tough times in our relationship, and we have had our share of those too.  It’s about the many, many, many days that we just try to get through all the mundane tasks of life.

“I Do” is about finding out that she may not be interested in the same vacation dream that I have.  “I Do” is about finding out that I do not fold the towels the same way she does i.e. the way she thinks I should also fold them!

“I Do” is a wonderful, yet hard core commitment to be together no matter what.  To love each other, no matter what.  To be devoted to each other, no matter what.  If you are thinking about getting married, I challenge you to pray together and discuss what this commitment really means.  If you are married, I challenge you to commit yourself all over again to your spouse.

The most important part in my opinion is vital.  “I Do” really means “I Do trust and follow God in my marriage”.  God must be in the center of our marriage in order for it to flourish.  Jesus taught that He would one day return for His bride.  As a husband or a wife, we are to be faithful and committed to Jesus first and to our spouse as well.

God’s example of love is perfect.  He asks us to follow that example with our spouse, to the best of our ability, and to sprinkle lots of forgiveness along the way.


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