Watering the Lawn

It’s very difficult to cut the grass while watering the lawn.  Have you ever noticed?

I’m actually not talking about using the sprinkler system or the garden hose to water the lawn.  I’m talking about watering the lawn with tears.  I’m actually not talking about allergies either.

I had one of THOSE moments today while cutting the grass.  One of those moments when thoughts of my children growing up left me in tears.  One of those moments when I wonder if I have done enough to prepare them for life.  One of those moments when I wonder if I have taught them the most important lessons.  One of those moments when I wonder if I have shown them that I love them enough.  It’s hard to cut the grass when you have tears in your eyes.

My daughters are facing some big decisions in their lives.  As their high school days draw closer to an end, it’s a time when those big decisions have to be made by them and not me and their mother any more.  Sure, they want our advice and listen to our input, but ultimately they have to become more and more the decision makers.  They have to make these decisions themselves.  It is a part of growing up.

It’s hard as a parent to imagine your children growing up and leaving home.  Some of you reading this have already gone through this process.  Others maybe have small children, and cannot even imagine the day yet.  But it is coming.  Just as sure as the grass needs cutting every spring, our children grow and change.  Every time another week goes by, and I am alone with my thoughts on the lawnmower, more growth and change is taking place.

To answer my earlier questions:  Have I done enough to prepare them for life?—Probably not.  Have I taught them the most important lessons?—Only time will tell.  Have I shown them that I love them enough?—Not told them, but shown them.  That may be the toughest answer of all.

Many times my love has not been patient.  At times, my love has not been kind.  My love has sought its own.  My love has failed…..

When my children were just babies, my wife and I dedicated them to God.  To us, it was more than just a ceremony.  It was our way of saying, “God you have blessed us and entrusted us to raise them, so we want to dedicate their lives to you”.  We wanted, and still want, to see them fulfill God’s purpose in life.

Now as my children grow, and begin to make big decisions on their own, I have to trust God with them.  He is always trustworthy; but it is hard.  I hope my wife and I have taught them to trust Him above all else.  As humans, we can never be all that our kids need.  We are limited.  We are flawed.  But God is not limited.  God is not flawed.  He is all powerful and all knowing.  He loves and wants the best for all of us.

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