GPS Students

Ryan and Emily Summers, Youth Pastors

God’s Perfect Sacrifice Student Ministries is all about reaching out to today’s generation of students and helping them to find the “Way”, Jesus.

We understand that today’s culture of students often finds themselves “lost” in the whirlwind of teenage life that is school, friends, texting, TV, internet, chores, and everything else in between. GPS is all about connecting students to a Christ-centered culture to equip them for discipleship and evangelism. We believe that students are the church of TODAY and that they should be encouraged to find their place in the work to build the Kingdom of God. GPS also believes in community involvement by shining the light of Christ to the families of our local neighborhoods and schools. GPS is building up a generation that will stand for Christ, unashamed and united in the cause to not rest until every “lost” person has been found. John 14:16

Meeting Times:

GPS Service – Wednesdays night @ 6:30 PM
GPS Sunday School – Sunday mornings @ 10:00 AM

For more information, contact us:

Ryan Summers

Emily Summers